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I am the author of a novel about life in Sand Canyon during the Great Depression called The Butterfly Basket.  The book is recommended for readers ages eight and up, and is a timeless story of the healing power of friendship woven with threads of authentic Native American culture.  It was inspired by the basket pictured below, woven in the 1920s by the talented Kawaiisu basket maker Rosie Hicks. The Butterfly Basket is available on Amazon, under the author name C.A.Waldman (that’s me!).  It’s illustrated by local artist Susan Hill. More information is available at By purchasing this book on Amazon you are also benefiting the Kawaiisu Language and Cultural center in their work to keep Native California’s languages and culture alive. Thanks.


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  1. Georgette Theotig

    Cindy – I can see how this exquisite basket serves as an inspiration to you for your book. Best wishes as you complete your project.

  2. Cynthia – the basket is exquisite. And the story you wrote from the basket is just as beautiful!


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