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Flowers Again


After years of drought, this spring was a mass of wildflowers. We’re still trying to cut down all the dried weeds and flowers, many over 3 feet tall, before the June 15th fire abatement deadline. But we were grateful for every drop of rain, and all the greenery that came with it.

I’m sorry for not having written in this blog for a full year, but I got interested in other things, and decided to start a new blog. It is much like this one, but instead of focusing solely on events that happen in and around Sand Canyon, it also includes other places, events, and concerns.  It’s called Earth to Humans, Ponderings and can be found at the following location:  I hope you will read and follow me there.

Thanks, and love you!

Update: 2018: I enjoyed writing my Earth to Humans blog but very few read it or followed it, and even though it wasn’t meant to be at all political, in these divisive times some could take it that way. I don’t want to be part of that mess so I took it down. I’d rather make connections and try to understand all points of view. What’s really important is growing up as a human race, not repeating the same destructive patterns ad infinitum, loving each other instead of fighting about things, honoring the feminine in all of us, and bringing balance into our beautiful world.

About C. A. Waldman

I am a writer living in the Southern Sierra region of California, U.S.A.

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