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CERT in Sand Canyon

Some of us got together to do part one of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training on Saturday. Posted is a photo of two of our fearless participants putting out a blaze.  We were taught how to triage disaster victims, how to extinguish small fires, and how to turn off utilities. We also learned what emergency supplies we need to have if we are cut off from the world and/or utilities for an extended period of time. It’s a wonderful training, but I must admit I felt a bit nervous about what I might be called upon to do in a disaster, especially if there are lots of injured.

One of the instructors is also going to present a large animals evacuation training. We have plenty of big animals in the canyon that might need to be rescued in an emergency. One of our CERT trainees has sixteen llamas!

I am also including a photo of Wogosinaazi, the Kawaiisu word for a western fence lizard, otherwise known as a blue-belly. This one, lacking the blue, must be a female. She lives in the rock pile outside my living room window, so I see her frequently. I like the way she posed for the camera. Sara, my heroine, has an interesting encounter with a blue-belly in my book The Butterfly Basket.

Lizard looking at me

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  1. Glad to hear you are being active in your community, but mightn’t this eat into your reputation as a 911 caller? =o}… That being said, I am sure you will be a valuable member of the CERT team, should the need arise.
    Hugs from Soreze,


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